Self care activities for staff

These activities, suggested websites and apps come from mental health professionals and colleagues including Young Minds and Zoe Ross, mental health champion and founder of MindMoose.

Meditation has been repeatedly shown to have a positive impact on mental health and can easily fit into your day.

Mood tracker apps can be helpful if you notice this is becoming an issue.

Walking - Go for a walking meeting with a colleague rather than sitting inside (again, repeatedly shown to be of huge benefit - get outside!).

Make sleep a priority and use apps to help (or yoga etc. to unwind). If it's an issue, then the Sleeping App is excellent.

Connect with others.

Make a list of what you love to do (i.e. cooking, having a long bath, reading a book, laughing with a friend) and look at how often you do them. Often there is a big gap in how often you'd like to do them, and how often you actually do them, so try to change that in manageable steps and do something you love every day. It can make a huge difference to how you feel.

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The Resources

Before Using These Resources

  • Do ensure that you are familiar with the resources before you use them.
  • Do tailor the session and resources for the group; some slides may need to be removed or edited depending on the age of the learners you teach.
  • Do ensure that staff have gone through this staff CPD section and advice provided by Young Minds before delivering any support to young people or other staff. Many resources are accompanied by advice, notes and session outlines to support staff delivery of these often sensitive issues. Students and staff may be affected by topics you cover and it is essential to be fully aware of Young Minds’ advice and your school policies and procedures in these areas.
  • Do ensure you are aware of any needs within the group and talk to pastoral, inclusion or other staff as appropriate as required if necessary. Students or staff may have personal experience of some areas covered and it is important to be sensitive to this.
  • Do ensure that staff are aware of topic you are covering in the session before hand in case any topics are challenging for them. Please ensure they are aware of support procedures and staff within the school as necessary.